Yogic Food
House of Om Yoga School's Approach towards a yogic diet is simple, we cook sattvic foods and ensure our fruits and vegetables are fresh from the local market. For those who don't want cow milk coconut milk is always available and in addition to butter and cheese we have ghee and coconut oil to cater to anyone's diet while keeping the food yummy.
Many people often mistake a vegan diet for being the same as a yogic or yoga diet. But what does it actually mean? What is a yogic diet? To find out we must go on an adventure into the world of yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy.

The 3 Gunas (Qualities) of Nature

⦁ Rajas

Rajas is a state of energy, action, change, and movement. The nature of rajas is of attraction, longing and attachment and rajas strongly bind us to the fruits of our work.

⦁ Tamas

Tamas is a state of darkness, inertia, inactivity, and materiality. Tamas manifests from ignorance and deludes all beings from their spiritual truths.

⦁ Sattva

Sattva is a state of harmony, balance, joy, and intelligence. Sattva is the guna that yogis achieve towards as it reduces rajas and tamas and thus makes liberation possible.

To increase sattva reduce both rajas and tamas, eat sattvic foods and enjoy activities and environments that produce joy and positive thoughts. Sattvic foods include whole grains and legumes and fresh fruits and vegetables that grow above the ground. All of the yogic practices were developed to create sattva in the mind and body. Thus, practicing yoga and leading a yogic lifestyle strongly cultivates sattva.

Sattvic foods include:

⦁ wholemeal bread

⦁ fresh fruit and vegetables

⦁ pure fruit juices

⦁ milk

⦁ butter and cheese

⦁ legumes

⦁ nuts

⦁ seeds

⦁ sprouted seeds

⦁ honey and herb teas
House of Om Retreat Menu Teaser

Enjoy chia smoothie bowls, detox tonics and lemongrass mint tea during your daily breakfast of fresh fruits and salad.

Our specialized ayurvedic diet is cooked with love on site and during breakfast we can cater to your diet in any way, so dont feel shy to ask for any special food during your stay with us.
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