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Seated postures are some of the most accessible types of asana - but don't think that makes them easy! These asanas are great for stretching the lower body, back, pelvis, and hips as well as allowing an easier focus on the muscles without the additional challenge of balance.
Twisting poses carry amazing benefits for supporting the detoxing and cleansing of internal organs and moving blocked energy. These can be done seated, standing, or lying down, making twisting poses a great addition to any yoga practice.
Hip opening poses are an office-worker's best friend. And all of us could use more hip-opening. These amazing poses support the strengthening and relaxing of many muscles used in our day-to-day lives and help to release emotions like stress and anxiety.
Hip Openers
Arm balance asanas not only make you feel accomplished and strong as you tap into poses you thought only super-humans could do, but they also build strength inside and out by pushing you past your fears and giving you a full-body workout.
Arm Balances
Inversion, or the art of being upside down, has significant benefits on the mind and physical body such as regulating blood pressure and stimulating your lymphatic system. While these can be challenging poses to get into (and we always recommend trying first with the support of a trained teacher), you will feel accomplished adding these to your practice.
Don't turn your back on back bends! These powerful asanas support our wellness after a long day of sitting by helping to stretch and strengthen many of our major muscles as well as helping to move stored emotion that gets blocked in our spine.
Back Bends
Prone poses, or those with the belly on the earth, are grounding and restorative poses great for stilling the mind. They offer many variations to more challenging asanas, making prone poses accessible for all practitioners.
Balancing poses not only look impressive but are also a great way to challenge ourselves in ways that work often neglected, but incredibly beneficial, muscles. Use these poses to increase concentration, and joint strength, and support the function of major muscles and joints.
Mudras are not just hand gestures; they are key to energy control within the body. By various finger and hand positions, they enhance focus, promote deep relaxation, and can even heal. Mudras connect the physical to the energetic body, activating brain areas and stimulating energy flow throughout.
Shatkriyas are cleansing techniques in yoga for physical, mental, and emotional purification. These ancient practices, including breathing exercises and digestive system cleansing, detoxify the body, improve organ function, and deepen body-mind awareness.
Standing poses, the foundation of many yoga practices, strengthen legs, improve balance and posture, and enhance overall body condition. Ranging from simple to complex, they bolster muscles, boost coordination, and improve circulation, especially beneficial for those with sedentary lifestyles.
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