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About Teacher
I was introduced to yoga in 2015 and fell in love right away to the journey. Moving meditation gets my mind calm and my body relax. Time to time, it leaves me nothing but my true self. I feel more confident in life and enjoy it better. The more I go deeper into it, i find yoga more than just a physical exercise and breathing practice. It becomes a way of life.

I realized that asana is the most common way to introduce yoga to our society. Using our body as medium to reach our mind, I use 4 steps of breathing from Heart of Yoga as the bridge to connect my body and mind. I also offer Trauma Informed Yoga as a method of teaching in the most gentle and safe way.

My teacher always says. There's yoga for everybody. Whom can breath, can do yoga." I hope i could facilitate you and your studio with Yoga that fits your body and mind.

Thofan Meninao

Experienced Yoga Teacher with 500 hrs Yoga Teacher Training
( ERYT 500 )
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