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My Guru once said:

"Every time you have the luxury of daydreaming, try doing this small exercise.

Ask yourself:

Who is it that thinks thoughts in my mind…

Who actually sees through these eyes…

Who is listening to the sounds in my ears…

Who really talks when I begin to speak…

You will be fascinated with the answers that you get…"

Traversing to find this answer, which was always varied; Spoorthi realized that the answers were never the destination, but just a stepping-stone to another beginning.

She was initiated into Yoga at a very young age of 15 by her parents, and it was an integral part of her growing years. However, her Sadhana was further strengthened and took a professional turn when she met her Guru 5 years back, who enlightened her with his knowledge and grace that none of the books, degrees could ever match up.

With his teachings and Divine Will, she feels it is very important for people to know, What Yoga is NOT? And then What Yoga Is? It is not standing on your head, not twisting yourself till your bones crackle, it is to experience everything that is a part of you, in the true sense. Once you have had this glimpse the result is unending peace and strength the likes of which you cannot imagine…"

Academically, she holds a Masters degree in Yoga Therapy & Research from the S-VYASA University and a certified 900 hours trained teacher and therapist from The Yoga Institute, India. She has a wide range of experience in planning, designing and conducting health & fitness, corporate sessions for companies & clients from India, US & UK involving Hatha, Ashtanga practices for physical, mental & spiritual well-being (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriya, Yogic Techniques, Anatomy & Physiology, Mantra Chanting). She has conducted individual and group yoga therapy batches involving patients of hip osteoarthritis, back pain, scoliosis, diabetes mellitus, insomnia, and other therapeutic Health Workshops to tackle various health ailments with a systematic Yogic approach.

Spoorthi holds a strong interest in taking this significant wisdom into the bio-medical modern world. This was further cemented when she got the opportunity to work with patients and get involved in a bio-molecular research study at a top medical institute in India. Her case report recently got published in one of the Integrative Medicine scientific journals and another research paper is in process for publication in another journal. As she rightly puts across, "It is very exciting to see the validation of changes within patients/people who practice Yoga we see at the behavioural and clinical level now manifested in the scientific research world both in India and globally. What would be great is to see this further acknowledgment of Yoga in medicine and science that there is something worth investigating, therefore making it available for clinical transliteration for all".

Spoorthi Poojari

Experienced Yoga & Meditation Teacher with 500 hrs Yoga Teacher Training ( ERYT 500 )
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