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About Teacher
Elisabeth's love for connecting the body, mind and heart through movement initially took her all around the world as a professional dancer and creative. Always interested in nature, energy work, psychology, science, mysticism and philosophy - yogic teachings and practices did not only bring unification, profound healing, reconnection, learning and transformation, but also opened up a door to expanded and more authentic dimensions of life through including the heart, senses, intuition and soul within the learning path itself. She completed over 900 hours in various teacher trainings with strong focus on Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Tantra and Reiki, her most influential teachers being Alexey Vyazovov, Christopher Wallis, Andrey Lappa, Kosta Miachin, Sofia Sundari, Valentin Voronin and Michael Lazano. She has also been teaching and assisting teacher trainings at the Vikasa Yoga School in Thailand and worked as a yoga teacher in Europe and Asia. She is currently undergoing a modern-day discipleship with her mentor going deeper into advanced practices, as well as studying yoga philosophy further at the Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies and Classical Tantric Arts and Sciences at the Tantrika Institute in Portugal.

Experienced Yoga & Meditation Teacher with 500 hrs Yoga Teacher Training ( ERYT 500 )
Elisabeth Jordan
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