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10 Best Online Yoga Teacher Trainings

Becoming a yoga teacher has never been more accessible than it is now. One of the best things to come out of this year is that yoga teacher training has made its way online!

If time, travel, and money have ever got in the way of your dream to become a yoga teacher, now is the time to snap up an online course

It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better
The benefits of online yoga teacher training
There are so many wonderful benefits to becoming a yoga instructor online! Here are just a few.
You'll meet people
When taking a yoga teacher training course online, you'll meet people from all over the world that you might otherwise never have met! This is, without a doubt, one of the very best things about taking an online course.

You'll meet new friends, be introduced to a large group of people who are there to support you on your journey during and beyond yoga teacher training, and who knows, maybe one day you'll lead yoga retreats together!

You can learn from a variety of instructors

Some of the most experienced yoga educators can now be brought directly into your living room, thanks to online yoga teacher training. Forget having to travel for 15 hours, all you have to do is open your laptop and connect to the internet!
It's affordable
You'll be getting exactly the same certification as an in-person training for a fraction of the price. If becoming a yoga teacher has always felt like it's out of your budget, now is the time to do it!
It's practical
Not all of us can take 3 months off to fly to an exotic beach and become a yoga teacher. We have commitments, we have children, we have jobs...let's face it, our schedules are busy!

Taking a yoga teacher training online makes the entire process incredibly accessible to everybody. If you choose an online school with flexible study dates, you'll be able to fit it in even more easily around your other commitments

The downsides of online yoga teacher training
Despite the many benefits of taking an online yoga teacher training course, there are, of course, a few downsides. It's completely dependent on you, your lifestyle, and your personal preference as to whether online or in-person training suits you more
Particular with flexible learning, there's a huge amount of commitment required and nobody chasing you up to 'get to work'. You'll have to set aside time every day/week to focus on your yoga teacher training and make sure that you don't keep putting it off!
Real-life exposure
The all-encompassing experience of an in-person yoga teacher training is special and can't quite be matched by an online course. However, the teacher training schools in this article have done their absolute best to match the personalized experience of an immersive course.

Each training listed here is registered as a Yoga Alliance online teacher training - so you can be sure that you are receiving top-quality education no matter which school you choose to study with

Hands-on practice
You won't necessarily get as much hands-on experience to give assists and check alignment as you would at an in-person training, but this also depends on you. Ask friends and family members to be your students so that you can practice the assists that you're learning online
Undeniably, there are more distractions at home than there are from inside the walls (or under the roof!) of a yoga school. It's a good idea to use a calendar or diary to 'book' yourself time slots to spend on your online training. This way you have a start and finish, and therefore know that you'll be able to get back to your other tasks soon enough!
To get the most out of teacher training for yoga online, consider making sure that they offer the following:

  • Textbooks

  • Live calls

  • One-to-one time

  • A lead teacher that you can contact for help and personal advice

  • Registered as a Yoga Alliance online teacher training

  • Testimonials

Read on for the top 10 online yoga teacher training schools!
In this article we cover the following top 10 best Online Yoga Teacher Schools:
House of Om
Tint Yoga
East + West
Prajna Yoga
Yoga Works / Yoga Tree
Santosha Yoga
My Vinyasa Practice
Zaz Yoga
Uplifted Yoga
Online Yoga School
1. House of Om

Be welcomed into our family-like community when you complete your yoga teacher training online with us. During these isolating and challenging times, an online yoga teacher training course might be just about the best decision you'll ever make.

We make a huge effort to ensure that all of our students feel supported and receive lots of individual attention on their journey into becoming a qualified yoga teacher. Shortly after booking with us, you'll be assigned a lead teacher with whom you can share your online journey and turn to for any queries that you might have.

Duration: 4-8 weeks / 66 days
Hours/certification level: 200hr / 300hr
Price: $333 / $777
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa

What's special about this course?

Of course, we think that our online training is the best, but that's with total authenticity in believing that we offer the highest quality when it comes to teacher training yoga online schools.

Not only is our course one of the most affordable, but you'll get to learn with some of the world's most knowledgeable and experienced teachers. We believe that everyone passionate about becoming a yoga teacher should get a chance to do so - and that there should be no compromise on quality because of what you can/can't afford!

Following your yoga teacher training, we would love to welcome you into one of our community centers. Maybe we'll meet in Bali, India, or Dubai sometime very soon!

On completion of your online yoga teacher training with us, you'll have access to all of the course materials forever. We want to support you in your journey as a yoga teacher, and this is one of the best ways that we can do that.


Read some of our online yoga teacher training reviews to get a taste of the experience.

"It was excellent, I enjoyed every bit of it"
"I was scared to make it online but I enjoyed it so much"
"It was a great experience"
"The course is excellent. It helped me on a mental and emotional level"
"I had a great time in this course"
"I feel far more confident"
"I loved the course"

2. Tint Yoga

Learn how to teach vinyasa flow to specially-selected music.

Duration: 4 weeks
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: €2790
Style of yoga: Vinyasa

What's special about this course?

Tint Yoga teaches a style of yoga that works alongside and flows with music - this is no ordinary yoga teacher training!


Tint Yoga started as an online platform for yoga classes, here's what people have to say about their online yoga teacher training course.

"By far one of the best programs I have ever tried"
"Inside flow is the perfect blend of yoga, movement, and music"
"The more I understood during the training, the more I felt and the more I fell in love with it"

3. East + West

Learn about traditional and modern concepts of yoga through East + West's yoga teacher training course online.

Duration: 10 weeks
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: $1750
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa

What's special about this course?

Learn about the traditional roots of yoga as well as the more modern concepts of anatomy, sequencing, and how to share the message of yoga in the modern world.


Here are just a few reviews of East + West's teacher training yoga online school.

"I've gained more than I ever thought I would from YTT"
"My meditation practice has deepened"
"I feel lucky to be alive at the same time on earth as these teachers"

4. Prajna Yoga

A course for the more experienced yogi, students of Prajna Yoga are required to have a minimum practice of 2 years.

Duration: 3 months
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: $2550
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative

What's special about this course?

This training is created for dedicated students that have at least 2 years of consistent experience with practicing yoga. One of the teachers is the author of the well-known book 'Yoga of The Subtle Body'.


Here's what recent graduates had to say about their online yoga teacher training course.

"By far one of the best programs out there"
"A very transformative program"
"Great tools for both self-practice and teaching!"

5. Yoga Works / Yoga Tree

Complete your yoga teacher training at home and in the care of passionate and experienced educators. Here's the key information for this Yoga Alliance online teacher training.

Duration: 4 months
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: $2950
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa, Iyengar, prenatal

What's special about this course?

This course is taught by a variety of different teachers, each with their own unique passion for and interest in yoga. There are multiple online trainings every year, and you're able to choose the teachers that you prefer to learn with.


Yoga Alliance has awarded this school a gold star in online teacher training - here's what their students had to say.

"A very memorable and life-changing experience"
"It was an amazing experience"
"Supportive teacher and good teaching method"

6. Santosha Yoga

Learn to teach yoga online over a 12-month period with Santosha Yoga.

Duration: To finish within a 12-month period
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: $1490AUD
Style of yoga: Vinyasa

What's special about this course?

This flexible program uses an assortment of pre-recorded videos as well as live sessions so that you can complete the training as slowly or as quickly as you like.


Hear what the graduates of Santosha Yoga had to say about their online yoga teacher training.

"Such a strong sense of community, love, and passion through my laptop!"
"Most wonderful and knowledgeable instructors"
"All the help and support you could need"

7. My Vinyasa Practice

Take your yoga teacher training at home and receive two free and very famous ebooks!

Duration: Complete in your own time
Hours/certification level: 200hrs / 300hrs / 500hrs
Price: $450 / $558 / $1008
Style of yoga: Vinyasa

What's special about this course?

Upon booking your course with My Vinyasa Practice, you'll receive e-book versions of two of the most famous yoga literature - 'Light on Yoga' and 'The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali'. This online course also offers meditation scripts, journal prompts, and a free membership to their streamed yoga classes for 1 week.


Here's what some of the recent graduates had to say about taking a yoga teacher course online.

"The program provided me with the fundamentals of yoga philosophy and asana and the confidence to teach"
"I found the program to be a wonderful mix of yoga philosophy and asana"

8. Zaz Yoga

Get a personal approach to learning with Zaz Yoga.

Duration: 30 days full-time (part-time option)
Hours/certification level: 200hrs
Price: $1397
Style of yoga: Vinyasa, restorative, nidra

What's special about this course?

This course offers students daily personalized feedback to ensure that they spend lots of time with their tutors, as well as develop a deeper understanding of their individual learning process.


Hear from Zaz Yoga's graduates and what they thought about becoming a yoga instructor online.

"The most amazing experience"
"So much knowledge"
"It was life-changing"

9. Uplifted Yoga

Become a certified yoga teacher with YouTube-famous Brett Larking in her yoga instructor training online.

Duration: 4 months
Hours/certification level: 200hrs / 300hrs / 500 hrs
Price: Unavailable
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa

What's special about this course?

This course is led by world-famous yoga teacher Brett Larkin. An expert in her field (with over 400k YouTube subscribers), she is passionate about teaching individual bodies instead of poses. When learning with Uplifted Yoga, you can be confident in teaching a class suitable for a variety of body types and levels of experience.


Read what some of Brett's students have to say about her online yoga training program.

"I'm so glad that I trusted my gut and intuition and registered for this training"
"This is a high-quality program that is very in-depth"
"I feel so equipped and excited to go out and teach"

10. Online Yoga School

Take your time when taking your online yoga instructor training with the Online Yoga School.

Duration: Take the training at your own pace
Hours/certification level: 200hrs / 300hrs
Price: $385 / $445
Style of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa

What's special about this course?

Move through this course at your own pace and have lifelong access to the course materials after certification.


See what some of the Online Yoga School's graduates had to say about their yoga teacher training online.

"More than satisfied"
"Best decision I ever made"
"The course has really helped me with life on and off the mat"

Best pick: House of Om online yoga teacher training provides a comprehensive program at the most affordable price.

We're sure that your online course will be just as special as in-person training. You'll meet people from all over the world and maybe even meet a few new lifelong friends!

We hope to welcome you into one of our communities as a certified yoga teacher very soon.

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