Resort and retreat center in Bali

Yoga Resort in the heart of Bali
House of Om Yoga Amertham Resort is located in the
heart of Bali, right in the middle of two rivers,
surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Designed in a classic Balinese architecture style with the outdoor pool, full comfort double/single occupancy bedrooms - all with private bathrooms, beautiful nature views & waterfall within the resort.
Private room with
river view
The King size bed will comfortably fit 2 people, the spacious design allows for meditating, yoga practice, working or relaxing
Twin bed room
With a breathtaking scenic river view right outside the room, you will never feel closer to nature. The fresh air and the great outdoors will guarantee a relaxing stay.
Dorm, 4 bed room
Located right above the pool, this room gives you opportunity to live and share the space with others. One big bathroom in the room with enough space to make everyone comfortable.
Life is a never-ending search for happiness. When we start searching for that happiness within ourselves, we will find it. House of Om Amertham is a hidden haven for all types of retreats. It is located in a small jungle, enchanted rivers and sacred water. Blue skies and lush nature as far as the eye can see awaits.

Yet, we have amazing facilities to ensure that all of our guest needs are met. From the healthy Bona Restaurant, the swimming pool surrounded by a tropical garden, the magical Tejas Spa, Unique octagon Yoga Shala to our Ashram down by the river bank - everything is created and designed to suit your healing journey.
The legend of Mayadenawa and God Indra
Epic story of the triumph of good versus evil. This is what started the rites of Galungan, and explains the origin of the holy spring known as Tirta Empul. The holy water spread through the Pakerisan River and leads you to House of Om Yoga Amertham.

Located right by the river bank, the hotel stood tall amongst the lush greeneries of Bona village. It offers serenity and peace… a place to clear your mind, body, and soul. Just as the spring water that runs through the river brings purification,"House of Om Yoga Amertham" is the Balinese Healing Sanctuary that will bring you closer to nature, and to your inner self. Designed in a classic Balinese architecture style, guests can enjoy their stay experience while enjoying yoga by the river, healing spa, or even a romantic dinner, with the vegan-friendly menu. Experience Bali like never before.
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The Yoga Shala
This 120 Square meter octagon-shaped space is made out of pure bamboo and natural wood, and is situated in the middle of the jungle, facing the tranquil river and waterfall. It can easily accommodate 50+ yogis and is perfect for teacher training, or any other sacred gathering.
Bookings for the Yoga Shala only is also available
One will never know where the path of spiritual journey will take you. House of Om invites you to open your mind, listen to your heart and see where life takes you.
It is a safe space, free from distractions and routines of daily life, and the chance to get rid of our emotional and material baggage. Our resort and retreat center is available for guests who want to exercise, do yoga or meditate privately or under the guidance of our resident instructor. With the sound of the river, and birds chirping in the background, you became one with nature, and one with your true self.
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