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Individuals - Influencers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers, content creators, partnerships or collaborators and future HOM Destinations!

Institutions - Yoga Schools or Mind, Body, Health and Soul Institutions, editorial's or print media, company and employee workshops.
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House of Om — is a Social Enterprise, Conscious Community & Holistic School, Charity & Humanitarian Group, Resort & Retreat Center
“Love for the sake of love, give for the sake of giving"
We are a Registered Yoga School affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA, Registered Foreigner Investment Company in Indonesia specialized in wellbeing and spiritual activities. Our centers are located in Bali, Dubai and India, with the intention to open in other locations.

We strive to improve wellbeing, elevate consciousness and add more love and light to the world via free workshops and events, affordable yoga & meditation teacher training, volunteering and employment opportunities.
Who we are?
Please see a list of our current vacancies below
Affiliate Program
Our Affiliate program is an independent program created by House of Om. It's been designed for Digital Nomads, Travel bloggers, Magazines and Influencers that are interested in Yoga, Wellness, Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training courses, but anyone with passion can join. If you're looking for an extra income for a subject that is close to your heart then House of Affiliate program will be for you. This program could be easily implemented into blog articles "Top things to do" or "New online career path" and would be great for podcasts, Vlogs or just personal recommendations on your Social Media accounts.
For all of your referrals, they will receive a FREE Malabead necklace and the choice of 1 of these 2 online Yoga courses for free - Himalyian Kriya and Ashtanga
Your commission
Courses price
$999 - $3,555
Our Yoga Teacher Training and Detox courses vary in price from $999 to $3,555, with huge potential to earn for those that put in the time and effort to share their positive experiences and feedback of House of Om. Every time a House of Om unique Ambassador code is used, they will receive a 10% commission on the full amount paid by their referral. Your commission could range from $99 to $355 depending on the purchase made. Sell one a week, you do the math!
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Signing up for our program is free and it's easy.
After you sign up, you'll receive your unique ambassador code. Then start sharing our content made available to you through our Ambassadors folder, talk to your friends, family and followers and see your bank balance increase!

We'll ask for your bank details and simply transfer your commission on the 20th of every month for the previous months referrals, we'll even provide you with a statement detailing them all.
For you
For your referrals
FREE Malabead necklace
Collaborators and Media Partners
Do you like what House of Om has to offer? Do you think that we would be a good match and collaborate? We certainly do and we’re very happy to hear from you. Can we offer something that will be beneficial to both parties? Magazine? Print or online media publications? Company retreats?
Reach out to us with your media packs and send your proposal to, but if we find you first then we might be you to the punch!
What will we provide?
You will get a visa for the entirety of your stay with us. Full support and help from our management team to complete tasks or assignments set by your educational institute. 3 Vegan/Vegetarian meals per day. Letter of recommendation and a reference for future job applications.
Currently at university or college? Does part of your curriculum include an Internship program? Or maybe you would just like to add some work experience to your resume? Then House of Om would like to hear from you!

We offer Internships for a 6 month period within our Resort and Retreat center and within our office with our Sales and Marketing team.

What are we looking for? You would need to have a good understanding of Google, Microsoft office, Social Media, or Sales and Marketing or a strong leadership and customer service background.
To apply for our Internship program, please send us your full personal details, CV/resume and details of the Internship program that interests you and any college/University requirements to
Meals per day
Full support
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