Become a 500 hours certified yoga teacher from home
300 hrs online
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You will receive a Yoga Alliance certificate and be able to teach people around the world, even if you are just starting to practice
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Become a 500 hrs certified yoga teacher from home
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House of Om — Yoga Alliance accredited school in Bali.
1,700+ students changed their
lives with us since 2016.
All materials have already been recorded and added to the platform. You will get access immediately after registration
At your disposal are 66 modules, which are always available in our e-platform
Checklists and tests to check your skills
PDF-Manual and writing materials
500 Pre-recorded videos in our e-platform
The course is suitable for beginners and practicing instructors
At your disposal are 66 modules, which are always available in our e-platform
All materials have already been recorded and added to the platform. You will get access immediately after registration
500 Pre-recorded videos in our e-platform
PDF-Manual and writing materials
Checklists and tests to check your skills
Mentors who have helped 1,700+ students will live this transformation together with you
A mentor will guide you
Manish Pole - Lead Teacher
Spoorthi Poojari - Lead Teacher
Yoga Alliance registered 500 Hrs teacher, E-RYT®, YACEP®
Lead teacher of 300 Hrs online Yoga Teacher training. Registered yoga teacher (RYT 500).
throughout your journey, track your progress, provide feedback, and share important experiences.
More than 50 mentors around the world
Oakland, USA
Fabiola Falcone
Who will check your work, conduct certification and zoom conferences, give feedback and support you throughout your training
Shobhit Ghanshyala
Melani Plandes
Lilly Talanova
Buu Luu
Dubai, UAE
London, UK
Berlin, German
Ubud, Indonesia
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5 video lessons with base principles and tools of teaching
How to create a professional yoga-class
Free Emails Training
And you will strengthen it in practice with your mentor
You will get the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct practice and training
• Further deepen your knowledge of alignment and technique
• Review your progress with over 70 detailed videos on specific yoga poses
• Uncover to deep knowledge seeping from the 196 verses with 8 hours of lectures
• Reflect on the yoga sutras presented with interpretation one-by-one
• Reveal what makes breath the core part of true stillness
• Learn over 15 different breath methods with various effects
• An in-depth look into musculo-skeletal, reproductive, endocrine, respiratory, immunity, cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive-excretory systems
• The course is designed to further your stillness and claim silence of mind
• 11 meditations with unique affirmations
• Entertain yourself with challenging tasks
• Learn about the holistic aspects of yoga
We will send the certificate on email. Along with that, we will attach the instruction of completing the registration
After completing the course and passing the exam, you will receive Yoga Alliance International accreditation
certification has the same significance as an offline yoga teacher certification.
It will not
indicate that the training was completed online
Training in a comfortable environment.
Even if you miss something, you will still have your notes and materials, and the tutor will help you catch up
You see your progress and track the changes. 100% of the notes, additional materials and tasks of all lessons are always available
You will get access to our online community of like-minded yogis, where we can collaborate, study
and support each other
Participants can send messages to each other, track your progress, share photos, and support each other
7 days money back guarantee if you pay in full
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Special Xmas discount -
50% OFF if paid in full
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We have prepared materials that will help you discover your skills more and keep it relevant in the future
Along with your skills and knowledge, you will receive invaluable bonuses for your future career
Yoga business
Class structuring ideas
E-books library
• Yoga CV & cover letter templates
• Intake form template
• Body assessment form
• Health history form
• New client information & liability waiver
• Class sign-in sheet
• Yoga workshop contract template
• Vinyasa sequences
• Hatha sequences
• Office-friendly sequences
• Yoga Nidra scripts
• Student's favorite sequences
• Asana cue cards
• Class theme ideas
• Additional pranayama
• Wemhoff breathing method
• Yoga to boost immunity
• 60 minute yoga flow to remove negative emotions
• 60 minute yoga flow to boost immunity
• Meditation to manage fear & anxiety
• Asana pranayama mudra bandha: by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
• Light on the yoga sutras of Patanjali: by B.K.S. Iyengar
• Path to holistic health: by B.K.S Iyengar
• Hatha yoga pradipika: by Swami Muktibodhananda
• The yamas and niyamas: by Deborah Adele
• Theories of the chakras: by Hiroshi Motoyama
• The key muscles of Hatha yoga: by Ray Long
• The key poses of Hatha yoga: by Ray Long
• Bhagavad Gita for Busy People - Selected Excerpt: by Swami Sivananda
• Meditation - The first and last freedom: by Bhagawan Shree Rajnees
Answers to popular questions
Who Studies With Us And Why?
Students choose the House of Om for a variety of different reasons. Whether you plan to teach yoga as career or use the training solely for personal development, this is a perfect fit for everyone. The skills you learn throughout the course will be beneficial to many areas of your life, no matter your ultimate goal. Our courses are designed to benefit yogi's of all skill levels, physical abilities, cultural backgrounds, ages, and more. Each student's experience will be personalized by our lead trainers to best fit their growth. Graduates often leave our training with a whole new outlook and approach to life. It is truly a life changing experience for all.
How does The Online Yoga Teacher Training Work?
Upon enrollment, you will receive a unique username and password that allows access to our online platform. Here, you will be able to view all of our course materials such as PDFs, videos, articles, music resources, quizzes, and more. You can begin your studies the moment you enroll, or wait until a start date that best fits your schedule.

Within 1-2 weeks of beginning your studies, you will be allocated to a group with a highly experienced lead trainer and aspiring yogi students in a similar time zone as you. Your lead trainer will guide you throughout your journey and monitor your progress while providing individualized feedback. You will be responsible for completing all learning requirements such as quizzes, assigned readings, practice videos, and final teaching exams: written and physical.
How much time do I need to spend on the course a day to achieve certification?
The beauty of our online courses is that it is self-paced. you have the flexibility and freedom to study and learn at a speed that works best for you , whether it takes you two months or one year.
How do I become certified with Yoga Alliance International upon completion of the course?
Upon graduation, you will receive a 200hr Yoga Alliance accredited certification. We will provide you with this certification via email and direct you on how to finalize your registration. The online certificate will act as any yoga teacher certification; it will not mention that the training was completed online.
What if I am already a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance?
If you are already a registered yoga teacher, this course will provide you with continued education to deepen your knowledge and improve your teaching and practice. The resources our course provides you with are invaluable and accessible for a lifetime. This in itself is extremely beneficial to our students
What Is Our Approach And Philosophy?
Our attitude is honest, open, generous, non-invasive and compassionate. We understand that yoga is a process and have both had long and colourful journeys on the path of life and yoga. Our philosophy is that House Of Om instructors 'teach with soul' and inject personal insight and experience into their classes. We also know the importance of excellent communicators and understand and respect different beliefs and points of view. Most importantly, we aim to ensure that Yogafirst Teachers teach with understanding, knowing the science behind the methods of why yoga works and how. We do not tie graduates down to one point of view but empower our trainees with understanding and encourage them to find their own yoga style and practice – to be the best…
How Good Does My Asana Practice Have To Be?
We welcome students with a strong yoga asana practice. However, we also believe that 200 hour courses are a foundation in yoga study. If you have a passion for yoga, we do not require you to be able to do a headstand or a full wheel or in fact any posture. The most important thing is that you are sure you have enough interest in yoga to want to commit to a demanding course in order to develop your yoga practice and share it with others.
What Kind Of Yoga Do We Teach?
The asana styles we teach are Hatha Yoga and Dynamic Vinyasa Flow emphasizing internal awareness as well as external form. We ensure that you are given a rounded view of yoga asana and also offer insight into restorative yoga to ensure you have plenty of tools to teach a varied student body. There is also a strong emphasis on subtle energy practices and a lot of time is spent on pranayama and meditation.
How much emphasis is given on teaching methodology and Practice?
We believe that theory is only the starting point of yoga (as Guruji Pattabhi Jois famously put it 99% practice, 1% theory) and ensure that the courses we run are as interactive and practical as possible. None of our courses have more than 20 students. We ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for practice teaching including 2 practical exams with peer and tutor feedback to help you develop as a teacher.
Will I be able to teach after the course?
A small proportion of yoga students will commit to decades of study with a senior teacher (such as an Iyengar or Ashtanga practice) or come with a strong interest in mediation and subtle yoga.

However, in the current environment, people come for very physical reasons: body conditioning, detoxification, to lose weight and burn calories; all relating to their bodies and with an 'instant results' mentality. The yoga experience in the Modern World is criticized for being inauthentic.

House Of Om yoga school programs are designed to reach people from those initial expectations but still educate and expand their awareness of yoga and its benefits. All graduates are ready to teach if they wish to, and we believe that although yoga is expanding, the need for well-trained teachers is still very high. With all the problems faced by the modern world we believe this work is critical and that there are so many people out there who need help and safe, effective guidance into yoga. We train teachers to do just that in a clear, non-invasive and tangible way.
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