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The House Of Om Community Center Was Born On The 5th Of June 2016

Founded by Wissam Barakeh, a spiritual Leader, certified Hypnotherapist & NLP Trainer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Tantra and Reiki Master.
Believing in the concept of community and going back to the tribe, to live in a world, without borders, beyond race, color, religion or gender. true to this vision, Wissam created conscious community centers around the world, beginning with Syria, followed by House of Om Bali and now GOA

Wissam Barakeh conducted and hosted more than 1000 workshops for 30,000+ people around the world and led several retreats, teacher training courses and initiated numerous charitable activities and volunteering initiatives in Bali, India, Tanzania, Yemen, UAE, and Syria
"My bigger dream is to open similar community centers in every city across the world and to be able to reach people minds and hearts with love, with consciousness, and with honesty and dedication" .
Wissam Barakeh, founder of “House Of Om", 2017
"Life-changing community & holistic school"
Each Om community is a resort and retreat center, co-living & co-working place, holistic school & charity foundation. It provides FREE workshops and events, affordable teacher training, budget communal accommodation, and employment opportunities.

Because of our holistic approach to community learning, we feel confident in stating that our om yoga teacher training offers some of the most comprehensive opportunities for practitioners looking to grow in both their practice and their vocation.

Here at House of Om, we welcome people from across the globe to experience what it truly means to be a yoga teacher. Our Om teacher training is led by a small group of individuals that each have an abundance of knowledge and unique insights to share.

We lead with the premise that, as the starting point for so many people on their teaching journey, we have a huge responsibility in creating talented and self-aware individuals. Because of this, om yoga school focuses as much on spiritual development and the individual, as it does on creating a group of incredibly talented yoga teachers.
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